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Industrial Process Cooling Equipment

  • Air & Water Cooled Chillers: Portable or Central 
  • Temperature Control Units: Water or Oil Circulating
  • Cooling Towers & Pump Tank Stations
  • Heat Exchangers & Inline Filters
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Advantage Temperature Control

AOK Supplies

AOK Supplies Logo

Molding Supplies & Services

  • Slide Mold Cleaners, Releases & Rust Preventives
  • Smartflow Water Manifolds, Flowmeters & SMED Products
  • IPS Mold Shields
  • Routine Maintenance Products & Services
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AOK Slide Smartflow Products

Dri-Air Industries, Inc.

Auxiliary Equipment Supplier

  • Desiccant and Compressed Air Dryers (Central & Portable)
  • Material Conveying Equipment (Central & Self Contained)
  • Blenders and Feeders by Maguire
  • Material Storage Equipment
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DRIAIR Floor Mount and Portable Dryer

Harvard Factory Automation Inc

Harvard Factory Automation Inc Logo

Part Conveying and Boxing Solutions

  • Under & Beside the Press Belt Conveyors
  • Automated Box Fill Systems
  • Runner & Part Separation Systems
  • Under the Press Diverters and Chutes
  • Inspection Tables / Work Stations
  • Robot Guarding and Clean Room Enclosures
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Hfa conveyor


  • Pneumatic Part Conveying
  • Dedusting & Separation Systems
  • Rail Car Unloading
  • Trim Handling Systems
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Kongskilde airbrush system


Kosmek Logo

Auxiliary and Quick Change Supplier

  • Magnetic Mold Clamps
  • Pneumatic Mold Clamps
  • Hydraulic Mold Clamps
  • Locating Devices and Couplers
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Kosmek Magnetic System Machine

Mold Vac

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Venting Equipment for Injection Molds

  • Mold-Vac has (5) sizes based on your application.
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Mold Vac MV10000


Auxiliary Equipment Supplier

  • Desiccant & Compressed Air Dryers
  • Material Conveying Systems (Central & Self Contained)
  • Gravimetric Blenders & Feeders
  • Material Storage Equipment
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Moretto Centralized Conveying Systems


Gravimetric Feeders and Blenders

  • Machine Mounted Gravimetric Feeders
  • Beside the Press Gravimetric Blenders
  • On or Offline Blending Solutions
  • Material Conveying Options
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Plastrac Colorstream Auto Disc Feeder


Rapid Logo

Size Reduction Equipment

  • Beside the Press & Central Granulators
  • Shredder & Recycling Solutions
  • Sheet, Film, Pipe & Profile Granulators
  • Air Evacuation & Fines Separations Systems
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Rapid 500 Granulator


High Temperature Water Control Units

  • 300°F - 446°F Water TCUs
  • Rapid Heat & Cooling TCUs
  • Isolated Tanks & Water Treatments
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Regloplas Temperature Control Unit

Reiloy USA

Reiloy USA Logo

Screws and Barrels

  • Screws & Barrels for Injection Molders and Extruders
  • Valves & End Caps
  • Complimentary Custom Screw Design
  • Process Support & Troubleshooting Process Problems
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Schake Industries Inc

Schake Industries Inc Logo

Material Silos and Surge Bins

  • Outdoor Spiral Aluminum Silos
  • Indoor Surge Bins
  • Silo Accessories
  • Custom Fabrication
  • System Installations and Project Management
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Schake Silos


Sesotec Logo

Metal Detection Systems

  • Silo Filling
  • Conveyor, Drying and Crystallization Systems
  • Sprue Grinders & Central Granulators (In-House Recycling)
  • Dosing & Feeding
  • Inlet at The Processing Machines (Last-Chance Checkpoint)
  • Packaging of The Finished Product (Final Quality Check)
  • Material Analysis for Incoming Goods Inspection
  • Recycling and flake sorting
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Rapid Metal Seperator


Injection Molding Machines

  • All Electric Injection Molding Machines
  • Hydraulic-Servo Machines
  • Hybrid Machines
  • Applications: Medical, Automotive, Packaging & LSR
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SE180 EV A C560 machine

Yushin America

Robots and Automation

  • Top & Side Entry Takeout Servo Robots
  • Sprue Pickers
  • Complete Turn-Key Automation Cells
  • End of Arm Tooling
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Yushin RC SE


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